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How Indian TV Show Theme Music Is Gaining Popularity

Over the years, the Indian TV show industry has grown immensely, not only in terms of content but also the music that they have created. Every show has a unique soundtrack that makes the show highly memorable. It becomes easier to relate to the show because of the music, that you end up listening to multiple times with each episode. Being edgy, fresh and complex, the mark that has been set by the Indian tv shows is undoubtedly high. Here are some Indian TV shows and their widely popular music which you simply cannot miss:

Sacred Games

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Sacred Games is one of the first Indian original series produced by the media conglomerate Netflix. The series revolves around the lives of two key individuals and depicts crime, action, and drama in an impactful way. For a series so dark, intense and exceptional, Alokananda Dasgupta was roped in for composing the music for this show. The melodies made were SaiyaanTabahiDhuaan Dhuaan, and Kukoo’s Couplet which were just apt for this show!

Little Things


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An innocent, youthful and romantic tale of two individuals which emphasizes on the importance of love and the little things of life. The show Little Things, takes you through a journey of a couple’s relationship which grows despite multiple struggles. The composition of the “Song for survival” by Neel Adhikari and Mithila Palkar is what defines the relationship portrayed by them and has become a vital part of one’s daily playlist!


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A crime series with none other than the ever-charming Madhavan is one series that undoubtedly has one of the best storylines, generating curiosity overall. The soundtrack of this show is one of a kind and the perfect fit that matches the vibe and genre of the show. One ear and it will definitely make it to your daily playlist.

Four more shots please

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Inspired by the world famous phenomenon Sex and the city, this series revolves around four women and their point of view of on life, love, career, and relationships. Known to have one of the best music albums in the industry, particularly, the peppy number ‘Yaara Teri Yaari’ by Darshan Raval is everyone’s favorite pick!

Made in Heaven

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Made in Heaven is about the lives of the classy, infamous, and financially extravagant residents of the South Delhi region. The story covers the over-the-top wedding industry and the reality behind the people working on the scenes. The soundtrack created is soulful and heavenly, with the best use of musical instruments, also a mix of rhythm and blues and jazz numbers. Aye re Sakhi more Piya Ghar Aaye, Jiya Jaye is some of the best from this album.


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A series that has taken the audience by storm, this crime series is a masterpiece. Composed by John Stewart Eduri, the soundtrack of this series is made in a way that adds on to every small detail of the show and really helps in emphasizing the underlying vibe there. Add this to your daily playlist and add some energy to your day.

Laakhon Mein Ek

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This Indian web series created by the popular stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath has been termed as a powerful drama and received rave reviews. From this highly relatable series, the track “Pending Sapne” by Neel and Mohan is one of the best creations and hits the right chord in one’s heart. The other songs of these series are equally good and should definitely make it to your playlists!


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