You Just Cannot Miss A Gig By These Stand-Up Comedians

It is a known fact that life gets better and more fun when comedy is a part of it. A daily dose of hearty laughter is an absolute necessity in this hectic and stressful life, to take one away to the world of fun and laughter. With the rising trend of stand-up comedy in India, the content created is what every individual can relate to. Absolutely relatable and totally fun to watch, here are some of the best Stand-up comedians to look out for

Biswa Kalyan Rath


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An Indian stand-up comedian, YouTuber and writer Biswa Kalyan Rath’s style of comedy is clever, realistic and unique. Apart from being a YouTube sensation, he is the writer and creator of the show,  Laakhon main ek. His jokes and punchlines are apt for every real situation making him a renowned and big name amongst the youth.

Kanan Gill

kanan gill

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Known for his perfect comic timing, Kanal Gill rose to fame along with Biswa Kalyan Rath because of their hilarious video series on YouTube named Pretentious Movie Reviews. Giving one a constant dose of laughter, and delivering some really catchy impromptu lines makes Kanan Gill one of the best to watch.

Abhishek Upmanyu

abhishek upmanyu

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Abhishek Upmanyu, one more name in the stand-up world, and truly deserving one indeed. The content and the delivery of jokes is polished and funny in every sense, one can say there is not one dull moment in his acts. His zeal and personality have pushed him up as one of the best Indian stand-up comedians.

Zakir Khan


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Known for his wit, and excellent sense of humour, Zakir Khan is an effortless comedian. His other talent includes playing the sitar. His acts revolve around families and real-life experiences due to which his content is relatable to many, giving him a huge fan base all over India.

Aditi Mittal

aditi mittal

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A well-known name in this industry, her acts are bold, real and full of humour. With content full of real-life experiences, she has become one of the favourite comedians of many. Being iconic and the female face of this industry, Aditi Mittal’s acts are something one shouldn’t miss.

Kenny Sebastian

kenny sebastin

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Adored by many, for his perfect comic timing and hilarious acts, Kenny Sebastian is one of the most prominent names in the industry. He is a musician and a filmmaker too which makes him multi-talented and versatile. He has terrific delivery skills, which makes him an audience favourite.

Rahul Subramanian


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Creating humour with real and everyday situations, Rahul Subramanian is known to be a creator of unique content. With tones of originality and wit, his acts are appreciated by a wide range of audience. Having some of the best topics for his bits, his acts will never fail to tickle one’s funny bone.

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