One perfect makeup look doesn’t exist. Every look depends on the outfit, the occasion, and of course your mood! Makeup is an art in its own sense and so expressing it shouldn’t be curtailed in too many ways. But there are some cardinal errors that you can commit with makeup too. So here are some of those makeup faux pas that you don’t want to be caught committing:

Caked up foundation

Caked up foundation

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Foundation is the base of your makeup and if that goes wrong, your makeup ends up looking bad. Getting your foundation right has many levels to it, right from the amount applied to the shade, everything has a role to play. If you feel like your base isn’t covered with foundation, then switch it out for a high coverage one. This way you aren’t applying too much and looking you have caked up on the makeup.

Clown Cheeks

excess blusher

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A touch of rouge or blusher can really brighten your face, but that is all it should be kept to. Any excessive amount of blusher can give you clown cheeks, making it really gaudy and unflattering. Matching the blusher with the rest of your makeup is also just as important, in order for it to be subtle and elegant. Unless you are doing a look for a particular costume or a Halloween look, it’s best to not be too heavy handed with the blusher.

Excessive Bronzer

Excess bronzer

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Bronzer can give you a nice touch of glow and a subtle definition to the shape of your face, but excess of bronzer can leave you looking orange. For a nice touch of bronzer, just sweep some product across the top of your cheekbone, jawline and temple – making a three shape on the sides of your face – for even application. Remember to blend it out, to retain only the best features of it.

Sleeping with makeup on

sleeping with makeup on

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Something that is really bad for your skin, creating a lot of ageing and wrinkles, leaving your makeup on overnight is one of the cardinal sins of makeup. What’s more, skin that’s had makeup for that long also becomes less pliable the next day and the next day’s makeup may also end up looking not so great.

Lip liner disasters


Picture courtesy: Adore Beauty

Lip liners act as the bridges that help keep your lipstick in and stop any colour bleeding outside your lips. But sometimes, when the lip liner is not matched with the lip colour chosen, it ends up looking very obvious and loud. Although this was a big trend in the 90s, it died down also in that period itself. If done now this would look quite garish and not graceful. So if using a lip liner, remember to match the lip colour well.

Too Much Glitter

Too much glitter

Picture courtesy: Become Gorgeous

Subtle hues of glitter, adds a definite glam to your overall makeup look. If used rightly, glitter and highlighter can really transform your light makeup to all an out of pro-makeup look for any occasion. But, all that glitters is definitely not gold, at least not, if you want to not look like a disco ball. A little goes a long way with glitter as it is quite potent and can make or break your entire look.

Skinny Eyebrows

90s eyebrows

Picture courtesy: Buzzfeed images

Another terrible trend from the 90s, skinny eyebrows are a bad idea unless you want to look like you are still living in the 90s. Eyebrows frame a face and the current trend is to have thick and defined eyebrows. Even if not sticking with the current styles, eyebrows that seem to have some substance and shape, really help in highlighting your eyes as well. The style of your eyebrow can ultimately change the reflection of your facial features, so choose wisely!

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