7 Skin Care Hacks to Bid Adieu to Oily and Greasy Skin

Let’s face it: Nothing spoils your pretty look, like oily skin. You clean, tone, moisturise and apply makeup, only to find that your skin looks greasy and oily after just a few minutes. Ugh! Irritating right? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Bid adieu to greasiness and excess shine, with our tried-and-tested beauty hacks.


6.Hack #6: Carry Blotting Paper for Emergencies


Tired of that extra grease and shine on your face? Carry a couple of blotting papers in your handbag or purse and soak up that excess shine. Don’t rub the blotting paper on your face. Instead, just lightly press it and absorb the extra grease.

Oily skin hacks

Picture courtesy: BeBeautiful

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