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Decoding The Top 10 Winter Trends That Made All The Headlines

With half the country still sweating buckets, the other half is still stuck in the fashion’s favourite season– winter. From faux fur coats that are bound to make Cruella De Ville jealous to shoulder pads that are bringing back the 80s, the season’s trends will have you in splits. Let’s get real, updating the wardrobe with the season is as customary as a Sunday face pack day. So read on for the line-up of the winter trends that made the news this season:

Tucked in sweaters

Tucked in sweater

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

The season that everyone’s been waiting for, sweater weather is coming soon. With Christmas sweaters, bejewelled knitwear, and baggy jumpers making the rounds in all the major retail chains, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Wear the humble sweater tucked into your pants and stay on top of this easy-to-follow trend. Choose between a double tuck, a mullet or even a smug tuck and get creative with your look!

Leather on leather

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Faux or real, leather is making an appearance this season and how. Leather pants have been in trend now and again but what’s new this season is the leather top wear too. The most popular is the wear of soft leather with skinny leather pants. Step outside your comfort zone and pair a soft leather top with a long leather skirt.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads

Picture courtesy: Glamour

The comeback of the season is the fashion of shoulder pads. Shoulder pads or pagoda pads have been around since the 1930s, most popular in the 80s and vying hard to make the top spot this winter season. Shoulder pads are a sure-shot way to look chic and fashionable without being too over the top. The best part is that it’s perfect for casual wear, work, or an informal event!



Picture courtesy: Harajuku fashion

Synonymous with the winter season, hoodies and jackets with hoods are making it big in women’s fashion, this season. With cropped hoodies being the number one trend in the summer, long overflowing boyfriend hoodies are bound to be the bestsellers this fall-winter. Pair your hoodies with shorts – if you can brave the cold – for an extra touch of sporty fashion.

Luxury fringing

Luxury fringing

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Fringes have been the biggest comeback trend over the past year, but this fall/winter luxury fringing are about to hit all the runaways. With shimmery and glossy fringe cuts headlining the shows, the winter is going to be one fancy affair. To tone one down your outfit to fit the occasion, go for solid colour pants and flats or stick to shorter fringes instead of long slit ones.

Tweed jackets

Tweed jackets

Picture courtesy: Amazon

No longer is tweed meant just to suit the likes of professors and teachers, tweed styles have lit up the runways of some major designers this year. A smart tweed jacket with the elbow patch is set to be all the rage this cold season. Pair your brownish jacket with a solid white tee and some rolled up pants and you will be ready to rock your own life’s runway.

Statement headwear


Picture courtesy: Stylecaster

Something that’s essential in the winter wear department is without a doubt the headwear. With styles like net wear, bejewelled fabrics, mixed colours and more, headwears are going to be your ears best friends. The best of wearing these pieces is it keeps you warm while also adding a different style statement to your wardrobe.

Glossy fabrics


Picture courtesy: Nevanta

High-shine fabrics were the styles to beat during the runway season for the fall/winter catalogue. With high couture designers like Chanel, Simone Rocha and more using vinyl, latex, and even plastic for an edgy look, gloss is on the definite must-buy for the Christmas list. Make the glossy looks wearable with a sober pair of pants and minimal accessories. Try metallic on metallic for making a head-turner of an outfit for any weekend party plans!

Modesty dressing

Picture courtesy: Grazia daily

Watch out for turtle-necks and low hemlines, modesty dressing is making its way back to store shelves. Designers this season have taken a lot of inspiration from the Victorian era of fashion, with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney opting for large silhouettes instead of cropped and smaller outfits. Evening dresses with prim and proper shirts underneath and stockings are on the season’s trending list, consider yourself fashionable and functionally warm!  

Animal Prints

animal print

Picture courtesy: Looktastic

From the current and trending Kylie Jenner to the iconic and classic Carrie Bradshaw, everyone has had their love affair with animal prints. Now the animal print is once again back to make its place in peoples’ wardrobes with the fall/winter catalogues showcasing it. Faux fur and woolly coats were the headliners in many runways and hence bound to make it to your local retail store. Pair it with a simple outfit for an everyday look or pair it with some red stilettos for the perfect runway-model touch!

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