Best fabric for your body shape

The Best Suited Fabric For Your Body Shape

Dressing right is not just in terms of the style and the trends, but also depends on the fabric used. A dress in the right style that’s making the headlines for its popularity could still be very wrong for your body shape. Determining your body shape and then finding the right fabrics for it may seem like an ordeal, especially since there is a plethora of options to choose from. So read on to see how we break it down and make your go-to fabric choice, a cake walk:


Pear Shaped

Narrow shoulders with wide hips and heavier lower body

This body shape needs you to use fabrics that drape subtly over your body and doesn’t pull attention to your lower half. Polyester blends, cotton, matte jersey, and viscose should be the fabrics your hands reach for. Heavy set fabrics like wool or chunky knits should be avoided as they can make you seem much larger than you are.

Fuller figure

Fuller Figure

Curvy body with a voluptuous upper and lower body

An abundance of cotton, ponte, nylon and linen must be included into your wardrobe. Avoid shiny or clingy fabrics as they can stick to your problem areas and add to them. In denims, go for boyfriend jeans or mom jeans to keep it looking stylish and appropriate as well. For a smooth silhouette, avoid heavy knit fabrics as well.

Apple shaped body

Apple shaped

A bigger upper body with slim legs and hips

Matte jersey, cotton, wool blends and viscose for your body type while avoiding anything that has no stretch. Constricting fabrics that bring your problem areas in the light such as satin, spandex, chiffon, and rayon should definitely be avoided.

Athletic build

Athletic Build

A slim, straight figure with few curves

With a longer and straighter figure, the challenge is to create curves. Tighter and close-woven fabrics are ideal for this body type. For this purpose, go for spandex and cotton, and clingy ones like satin and silk. Avoid boxy cuts of fabrics and wools or your frame will get lost in the cloth.

Hourglass figure

Hourglass shaped

Narrow set with wide hips and bust, curvy frame

Jersey, cotton, soft silks, bodycon and such soft fabrics will accentuate your curves and help your frame look its best. Boxy and heavy fabrics that drown your curves will make you look heavier than you are. Bulky wools will also hide your contours and give you a straight shape making you look bulky.

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