14 Street Foods From Around the Country That You Should Definitely Try

14Lakhanpur de Bhalle - the perfect mix of creamy and spicy

Just the sight of vendors carrying this mouth-watering delicacy is enough for people to forget everything about the stigma associated with eating on the street and dig into these small bundles of joy. The perfect balance of creamy and spicy, this street-food delight comes all the way from the snowy peaks of Jammu and Kashmir.

Lakhanpur de bhalle

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13Chole Bhature - unforgettable and hearty

If you wish to get the taste of real Punjab, then take a trip through the narrow colourful streets of Amritsar and order a plate of the mind-blowing combo of Chole Bhature. The puffed up poori goes brilliantly well with the rich and spice-laden Chole, with the pungent sliced onions on the side, it’s a complete dish.

Chole Bhature

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12Aloo Tikki - crunchy and soft treats

Well-famed for its wide range of non-vegetarian dishes, Lucknow, offers a delight to veggie lovers with these small puffed mashed potatoes – Aloo Tikki. Enjoy it served with a spicy green peas curry and sweet sour chutneys. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this dish is a hit with all.

Aloo Tikki

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11Tunde Kabab - a boastful treat of the rich Awadh culture

Exceptionally soft and succulent in its core, is what makes these kebabs an all-time loved dish. Haji Murad Ali, the creator of this had only one hand and hence the name Tunday (a person with one hand), came about. A must-eat on the streets, these meaty treats are served with a spicy minty chutney.

Tunde kebab

Picture Courtesy: Archana’s kitchen

10Litti Chokha – simple and rustic

Litti Chokha is the Bihari version of the Dal Batti from Rajasthan. What makes this dish unique from the rest is that, this dish can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. These baked dough balls are topped with delicious brinjal mash and the earthy taste of ghee.

Litti chokha

Picture courtesy: ABC news

9Momos – the king of street food

A street-food favourite for all, momos are native to Tibet and Nepal. A versatile roadside cuisine, this is one food item that has escalated from just roadside stalls to food centres and food courts in all the big malls. Served with a spicy and tangy garlic chilli chutney, these steamed dumplings are one tasty treat!


Picture Courtesy: recipedose.com

8Puchka - scrumptious little bombs of flavour

Fried hollow crispy balls that are filled with spicy potato and tangy liquid, Puchkas are a definite street food must-eat. No matter how choosy one gets about food, when it comes to these spicy delights, one would find it difficult to resist!


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

7Chaat - colourful fusion of taste

Can you believe that this excessively common street food originated right from Shah Jahan’s kitchen? Yes, the Mughals had the biggest hand in introducing the world to these sweet & sour delights. A mixed array of yummy dishes, chaat is one cuisine without which your street food experience is incomplete.


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6Chow Mein – spicy and wholesome

A dish that is constantly evolving with more and more flavors, Chow mein is undoubtedly the best snack to have with friends and family! A sharer plate filled with these noodles, loads of veggies, and even more of spice, this is one street food dish that you must try.

Asian Chow Mein Noodles

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5Paya Soup – intense hit of flavours

Paya Soup or lamb trotter’s soup is one of the best and oldest delights that is best enjoyed during cold winter nights. It is believed that a trip to Bhopal is incomplete without a stroll through Chattori Gali and a bowl of Paya soup.

paya soup

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4Thukpa soup – soup for the soul

A lip-smacking Tibetan soup, Thukpa, is a delight especially in the winters. Strong spices, noodles and veggies give this dish the body that makes it heart-warming. The availability of this soup is still, however, very limited. But the mild hot sensation that you get after slurping a bowl, makes it worth the search.

Thupka soup

Picture courtesy: redspicehouse.com

3Bombil Fry – a taste of the sea

An all-time favourite seafood dish, it is widely relished mainly in the streets of Mumbai. Made using a white fish that is exclusively available on the coasts of Mumbai, it is fried to perfection with some spices. Inspired by the Goan cuisine, Bombil or Bombla is certainly the ideal street food choice for seafood lovers.


Picture courtesy: Madhuras recipe

2Paddu – simple and sweet

Paddu or appe is one of the most popular dishes from Kerala. Made sweet or savoury, Paddus are actually smaller versions of dosas. These bites of joy are sold in almost every other tuck-shop on the street and are enjoyed in dozens due to their lightness and taste!


Picture courtesy: ladlesandspoons.com

1Akki rotti – crispy and delicious

This quick bite is not only best feasted as an evening snack but is also one for your office tiffin box. Relished with coconut chutney, akki rotti is a staple and delicious dish from Karnataka! Made with rice batter, this is a form of rotti is crispy and has a lovely spice to it.

Akki roti

Picture courtesy: Archana’s kitchen

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