Easy Recipes For The Busy Cook

Cooking is called a long process, but is it really? From delicious dal makhani to fragrant dum biryani, recipes recommend slow, long cooking times. However, some recipes that are quick and easy, make for some delicious treats too! These days everyone is a busy cook and is in search of dishes that take the least time. So here we have a list of some delicious recipes that a busy cook can definitely find time for:

Bread Upma

Bread upma

Picture courtesy: Veg recipes of India

A south Indian breakfast staple, bread upma is an easy recipe which needs just 15 minutes of cooking time. The best part of this dish is you don’t need a whole lot of bread or veggies; it uses any kitchen remainders. Filling, hearty and simple to make, this dish makes for an easy dinner after a tiring day of work or a quick breakfast for an energetic start to the day.

Find a delicious recipe for this, here: http://bit.ly/2BiPhe5



Picture courtesy: Veg Recipes of India

Light and absolutely quick to make, cheela is a versatile dish that you can tailor to suit your mood. A north Indian version of the humble dosa, Cheela is most commonly made with besan, but can also be made with other pulses like moong dal, rice and more. Frequently paired with chutney or tomato ketchup, you can take it up a notch and try it with schezwan sauce for a different twist!

Get the recipe for it, here: http://bit.ly/2FA0PgX

Dal Khichdi

dal kichidi

Picture courtesy: Spoon Fork and Food

A comfort meal for many, Dal Khichdi is a homely dish that’s sure to get you nostalgic in an instant. An easy one-pot meal, this dish is filling and versatile too. Add any veggies you want or just have it plain, have raita on the side or some tangy pickle, you can play this dish, however, your palate desires. Some crunchies on the side is, however, a crowd favourite way to have this simple meal. Quickly ring up your mom for this meal your home style or find a good recipe here: http://bit.ly/2zkJByJ

Veg Chilli Cheese Toast

Veg Chilli cheese toast

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

A childhood favourite, chilli cheese toast is being revamped and made adult with the addition of veggies. Veg chilli cheese toast is that meal which you can create without any prior planning. If you are looking for a quick cheat meal after a week full of salads, then this cheesy meal makes for a good contender.

Find a good recipe for the dish here: http://bit.ly/2KpTTls

Lemon Rice

Lemon rice

Picture courtesy: Whisk Affair

A simple and satisfying meal, lemon rice is as easy to make as it sounds. A go-to after a tiring day of work, the zing of the lemon can really brighten up your mood and relieve your stress. Pair it with some fried titbits, some dry veggies or even pickle, for a wholesome meal. The crunchy elements in the meal like cashews, peanuts, and fried dal, add a little something extra to the dish.

A great recipe is here: http://bit.ly/2DR83vB

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