Food You Just Can’t Resist This Monsoon Season!

Monsoon is around the corner, and this marks the craving for the most delicious dishes that this season brings with it. This is the ideal time to enjoy your favorite dishes with some tea while watching the rain pouring. These hot delicacies have always been the season’s demand, and what’s better than having the season’s best here! Here are a few handpicked food items that are here to satisfy your hunger this monsoon:

Pakoras and Bhajiyas (with chai of course!)


Image via Hindustan Times

The best combination in every way, sipping some hot chai while munching pakoras on a cozy monsoon evening is the best way to keep yourself refreshed taking away all your everyday stress.



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Hot Samosas with ketchup or chutney is the ultimate desi way to enjoy your weekend in the rainy season. Don’t forget a plate of fried spicy chilies to go with the samosas! Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, samosas are the ideal companion for any season, not just the rainy.



Image via The Terrace Kitchen

A delicacy from Nepal, Momos are popularly known to be the most loved dish all over India. These delicate steamed dumplings with the ideal filling make it a yummy that is best enjoyed with a spicy sauce!



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An all-time favorite during monsoon is the seared corn. It is widely relished all through the streets of Mumbai. With the correct amount of masalas and butter, corn becomes one of the tastiest dishes one can have.

Bread Pakora


Image via Hungryforever

A simple, yet all-time favorite for many. Perfect for the monsoon season, it is comforting and tasty, all at the same time. Have it with chutney and ketchup, and it is sure to keep your stomach full too!

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