Hair trends That Stay In Vogue No Matter The Season

Hairstyles more often than not connote a new beginning, an opportunity to push ahead, and marks the end and beginning of a new season. With changing the weather, comes the diverse drifts that are in vogue. But there are some styles that stay in vogue no matter the season. Taking inspiration from style icons and observing all the trends is what gives people an insight into what current fashion looks like. Here are some constantly in-vogue hair trends that you simply cannot ignore

5 Poker Straight

Poker straight hair

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Gone are the times where we considered poker straight hair to be antiquated, poker straight hair is one of the style statements that can totally be carried with any outfit and any weather. Simple yet chic, this style adds on to our look in the most sophisticated way.

4 One sided Braids

one sided braid 2

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There are more than a hundred different ways of braiding your hair, yet the most trending one constantly in the current fashion industry is the one-sided braids. Giving us the ideal look for any event, they are the season’s top pick!

3 Baby Bangs

baby bangs

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Giving us a vintage vibe altogether, baby bangs are have popularized itself because of the unique quotient they carry. Giving a modern twist to our daily look, this hair trend surely has a long way to go.

2 Color Pop

color pop

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One style that will always be relevant is experimentation. Take yourself out of our comfort zone by adding color to your hair in a completely unique shade. Hair color can totally alter the look of your hair and elevate it to a new height.

1 Top Knots

top knots

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Top- knots are a super comfortable hair trend, that works for every season, every year. Although there are many styles of top knots, the end goal is all about making your perfect bun messy and therefore authentic. What came to be known initially as an impossible trend, has bloomed over the past few years as the quick look for absolutely everyone!

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