Re-visit Your Reading List With The Best Indian Authors

Stories have always had a deep meaning to us since the beginning, every life experience, situation and struggle one faces, forms a story. Celebrated as a country of art, India is also known for its beautiful portrayal of stories. Being among the biggest and most diverse nations on the planet, there are many talented authors who have created timeless magic and written content that has captured and inculcated everything one looks for in a book. The depth of these books is not only because of the story, but also the idea and inspiration behind it, so to get a hit of that inspiration, here is a list of the Best Indian authors of all time:

5 Arundhati Roy  

Arundhati Roy

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She is an actress and a political activist, with immense knowledge about the working of the political system, Arundhati Roy is a truly famous Indian author. Her writing is said to have depth, and every message she wants to put across is done through her novels. She has published a wide variety of essays on contemporary issues as well, making her one of the most celebrated authors of our time.

Famous Novels: The God of Small Things, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness etc.

4 Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri

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Known for her novels, essays and short stories, Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian-American author. After struggling for several years, and being rejected multiple times, her novel The Interpreter of Maladies changed her life. She was appreciated for her work, and since then has been walking on the path to success. The Indian Film industry has also taken inspiration from her novel The Namesake, making her one of the most renowned authors of India.

Famous Novels: Unaccustomed Earth, The lowland and many more.

3 Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh

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Khushwant Singh’s name will undoubtedly go down in Indian scholarly history as one of the best authors. He is well known for his humor, sarcasm and his love for poetry. Having stories revolving around life, he has written a two-volume history of the Sikhs, and various translations and non-fiction books.

Famous Novels: The Freethinker’s Prayer Book and Some Words To Live By, Gods, and Godmen of India and many more.

2 Arvind Adiga


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A journalist by profession, Arvind Adiga has been an avid writer since the start. His views on politics, business, and arts have appeared in various magazines. He rose to prominence with his debut novel, The White Tiger which had a gripping storyline. The novel was appreciated by many, post which this novelist continues to put forth his unique stories consistently.

Famous Novels: Last Man in Tower,  Between the Assassinations, etc

1 Ruskin Bond 

ruskin bond

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Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent. He always had an inclination towards writing and has worked as a freelance writer and editor in various magazines. His writings were influenced by nature, Raskin Bond has stories revolving around life, his childhood and his struggles. Taking inspiration from real life events, Raskin Bond has published some of the best and well-remembered novels.

Famous Novels: The Blue Umbrella, The Room on the Roof etc.

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